Boeing Aircraft Since 1916 (Putnam Aviation Series)

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Boeing Aircraft Since 1916 (Putnam Aviation Series)
Название: Boeing Aircraft Since 1916
Автор(ы): Peter M. Bowers
Издательство: Naval Institute Press
Серия: Putnam Aviation Series
Год: 1989
ISBN: 0870210378
Страниц: 668
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 152 MB

BOEING AIRCRAFT SINCE 1916 was first published in 1966 and an updated edition followed in 1968. At that time only a few Boeing 737s had been produced, the Model 747 had yet to fly and the company was awaiting to go-ahead to build its supersonic airliner. Since that time the supersonic airliner has been cancelled, Model 737s have been produced in large numbers as numerous versions, and the Model 747 has revolutionized air transport with nearly a thousand ordered and well over 700 in service. Nearly fifty-five of the later Model 757s and 767s are in airline service. To cover this enormous growth in Boeing activities this book has been virtually rewritten and greatly expanded. New information has been included in the pre-jet sections and the Model 707 and 727 sections have been updated. The full development histories of the 737, 747, 757, and 767 are included and there are full production lists of well over 6,000 Boeing jet liners. All the new types are fully illustrated by a superb selection of photos and the opportunity has been taken to include numerous new views of the older Boeing types--a surprise to many will be the photos of B-47 jet bombers with U.S. Navy markings. In addition to the hundreds of photos this book includes a large number of three-view general arrangement drawings.

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