VRay. The Complete Guide, Second Edition
VRay. The Complete Guide, Second Edition
Автор: Francesco Legrenzi
Название: VRay. The Complete Guide, Second Edition
Издательство: 3Dtotal
Год: 2010
Формат: pdf
Размер: 284 Мб
Язык: Английский

This book teaches that (he fabulous computer generated scenes, dial look like real photographs to tlic naked eye. in the end. arc not tliai difficult to create. The book is mainly addressed to users of VRay for 3ds Max. Bui it can also be used by all those that have tlic fortune of having the software for which the Rendering portware by Chaosgroup has been created. By now VRay exists for many programs, such as Cinema4D, Maya Sketch-Up!, Rhino and soon it will be available for XSI. VRay versions for other programs do not vary at all from the version for 3ds Max, because the core, that is the heart of the program, is always the same. The only thing that changes is the interface, depending on the software on which it is installed. The commands and their corresponding functions remain identical for all versions.
The aim of the book is to give a logical, complete, and meticulous explanation of all the commands in VRay, spread out for 3ds Max. Every now and then also tutorials will appear, in order to help understand parameters that are particularly complicated. The volume ended up being a comprehensive guide of all the possibilities offered by VRay. Although it is not specifically addressed to architects, animators or designers, some examples or techniques discussed could be useful for them.
This book is created for users that have medium understanding of 3ds Max or that are acquainted with 3D technology. Many arguments, in any case, arc dealt with thoroughly as to give even those with little practical knowledge the particulars to enable them to understand the whole, or at least a part of it, that which is being explained. VRay is a simple program, but at tlic same time it is complex, even the most experienced users can find unexplored areas, it is also well designed and applies the same settings in many parts: it is logical and coherent, so it is not necessary to memorize uncountable exceptions to the rules.
VRay: THE COMPLETE GUIDE Second Edition это второе издание книги, полностью посвященной Vray. Ее цель - дать продвинутую поддержку специалистам в этой области. Очень часто все трfтят много времени в поисках значений параметров программы. Кто не тратил весь день, пытаясь понять что не так с их рендером? Наличие нескольких пресетов, не достаточно: необходимо знать и понимать значение часто используемых инструментов. Это единственный способ, благодаря которому вы сможете увидеть иллюстрации большого колличества решений сложных задач рендера.
Книга содержит около тысячи страниц, с 2300 иллюстрациями 3200 рендеров сцен различной сложности с описаниями и разъяснениями. На Английском языке.

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